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Conference Programme

Friday 20 April: 8.00: welcome and registration

Session I :  Management and Ethics

(8.45 – 10.30)

Moderators: Dany Raad, Nathalie Richa

Presence of the family during resuscitation (Patricia Jabre)

End of life decision in the ED: DNR  (Youri Yordanov)

Emergency Response team  (Nisrine Bazarbachi)

Ethical Issues in Emergency Care (Nuhad Dumit)

Coffee break

Session II: Pediatric Emergencies with the Lebanese Society of Pediatrics

 (11.00 – 13.00) Moderators :

Naim Bassil,  Maud Michaloux

Accidental intoxications in children (Hayat Azouri)

New synthetic drugs (Bruno Megarbane)

Management of diabetic Ketoacidosis in children (Wissam Fayad)

Head trauma in children (Samah Chiry)

Keynote lecture I

(13.00 – 13.30)

Burns in children  (Wassim Raffoul - CHUV)

Moderator : Rêva Matta

Lunch break

Session III:  Trauma Life Support

(14.30 – 16.15). Moderators:

Nisrine Bazarbachi, Tony Khairallah


Prehospital Management of polytrauma (Mazen Al Sayyed)

Management of Polytrauma in the ED (Abdo Khoury)

Damage control Resuscitation (Jean Cyrille Pitteloud)

Management of chest trauma (Mohammad Saab)

Coffee break

Session IV : Internal Medicine

(16.45-18.00) Moderators:

Samir Challita, Claude Semaan

Early sepsis detection and management of septic shock (Youri Yordanov)

Acute Coronary Syndrome management and interpretation of the ultrasensitive troponin in the ED (Rabih Azar)

Keynote lecture II

(18.30 – 19.00)

Monitoring the manual ventilation in cardiac arrest (Abdo Khoury)  

Moderator : Jean Cyrille Pitteloud

Opening ceremony

(19.00 – 20.00) 

Tribute to Dr Joseph Khairallah



Gala Diner

Saturday 21 April

Session V:  Neurology

(8.45 – 10.00) : Moderators:

Ghassan Abi Chedid, Kamal Kallab

Lecture of the CT brain in emergency (Georges Rouhana)

Stroke: how to detect alert signs (Maud Michaloux)

Updates in stroke management (Hassan Hosseini)

Keynote lecture III

(10.00 – 10.30)

Acute Pain management in the ED (Jean Cyrille  Pitteloud)

Moderator: Georges Elias 

Coffee break

Session VI : Circumstantial pathologies

(11.00 – 12.00). Moderators:

Omar Ayache, Suheil Chamandi

Updates in Burn management (Wassim Raffoul)

Management of Snake bite in the ED (Elsy Jabbour)

Myocarditis following a small black spider bite (Chadi El Tawil)

Session VII: Toxicology

(12.00 – 13.30). Moderators :

Aziz Geahchan, Bruno Megarbane

ECG in drug poisoning (Roberta Petrino)

Real cases of clinical toxicology directed by Bruno Megarbane, presented by: Béatrice Chami, Elie Karam and Marie Rose Rizk.

Lunch break

Session VIII:  New technologies

(14.30 – 16.00) Moderators : 

Abdo Khoury, Salah Choueiry

Use of drones in the medical field  (Valérie Homier)

A mobile application to locate the nearest AED  (Valérie Homier)

Social media use in medical education  (Youri Yordanov)

Keynote lecture IV and closing

(16.00 – 16.30)

Non Invasive Ventilation in the ED ( Roberta Petrino)

Moderator: Béatrice Chami

16.30 – 17.00

Musical note

17.00 – 19.00

Guided tour of Byblos and its Castle